Crowded living room 

My wife thinks it’s getting crowded with six typewriters in our living room. But with six upstairs and one on my desk at work I don’t really know where to store them… I need good shelves! A spring project?

Another brick in the wall

Every time the slug hits the ribbon I grow. This is what typing is all about for me; the writing of being. I write, therefore I am.

Partners in writing

The P2 is made for writing, there’s no arguing about that. The one to the right is the one I bought yesterday. It needs to get some quality time with some sort of lubricant, some of the keys, at least two, tend to stuck in their movement back to the… cradle, or resting position.

Another Facit 

I bought my second  Facit P2 just to get the manual and touch typing ”training-screen”. Both are early versions with the round black backgrounds for the FACIT  logo in the back. Now I can have one machine at home and one at work. Perfect!