On the train

And here we are, badunk-badunking our way across Sweden. And how long did it take until a fellow traveler expressed his joy over the fact that I had brought a typewriter with me to the bistro? Not long… To the keys again!


My Model 1 has apparently done some traveling. But it is a bit… well, heavy.

Thoughts about trip up north

And so the time for our annual trip up north has come. Night train to Umeå and then bus to Lycksele. A plane will take us home. So… my problem is the following: Which machine should I try to bring with me in a backpack? The Kolibri and The Portable are my smallest ones, but the Kolibri is, as we all know, a heavy piece of engineering. And The Portable? I love it and I don’t want anything to happen to it, a trip is after all a hazardous enterprise for something born in 1924… So, this poses somewhat of a dilemma. A trip by plane limits your options, doesn’t it? I can’t bring too much luggage on board. Otherwise I would gladly carry a portable along – and to write up in the air? That would be a club to join! I guess there aren’t a lot of people who do that nowadays… And that settles it! I won’t squeeze anything in a backpack, I’m going to carry the Kolibri in its bag!


I made some progress with the wax on this one too. I thought I had cleaned it, if not thoroughly, at least decently, but the cloth I used for waxing was black as sin by the time I was done. And the greenish Lovecraftian fungus-mucus that stained the cloth when I waxed the keys (again, I thought I had cleaned them pretty good, they looked clean to the naked eye!) showed me that some kinds of filth can survive a soap-soaked attack, even if you rub the area where it has gathered.  I wonder how many computer keyboards are as fun or rewarding to clean as the keys that give your soul a voice? 

Wax is the key

I used the old ”wax on – wax off” and the dull black keys turned brand new. The green ones won’t get the same treatment. Their design won’t change whatever I do. Great for typing though…