First page

This is the first page of my… novel (project). Corrections and thoughts co-exist with the first draft. And maybe the last… 



Some people do their planning before they sit down and actually write. I plan along the way, among the pages of my stories and words I find a path that leads… well, if not forward, at least somewhere. Which might be as interesting as the planned path, if I had one. The writing process, or my writing process, is a living, evolving being which cannot be tamed by planning. It is my Fenriz Wolf, howling every time the typeslugs  hit the paper.

The sound!

Oh, the lovely music  the TP1 creates while you type!  I fell in love instantly! It reminds me of the sound of my Model 1, very similar indeed, although the Model 1 sings in a slightly higher note. Maybe a choir, a duet with these two? I think I’ll have to involve my wife in this…