Crowded living room 

My wife thinks it’s getting crowded with six typewriters in our living room. But with six upstairs and one on my desk at work I don’t really know where to store them… I need good shelves! A spring project?


4 reaktioner på ”Crowded living room 

    • I’ll just have to make room! This Underwood would need some work done on it too… It’s the one I saved from a flea market so the choppers wouldn’t get their hands, or tools, on it… It has probably spent some time in some kind of barn or rural workshop somewhere and has not produced letters for a loooong time I guess. Sad. But now it has found a new home! Whether or not I’ll get it working or not is entirely another thing. It can’t work less though…


  1. Tell her I have 22 in the living room, seven in my small writing room and another 20 in the garage. Yes, I’m serious. Every now and then, however, ”upper management” orders a purge and I have to scramble to stow them away. But, slowly, the living room get repopulated. It’s a disease.



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