On vacation and trying to decide whether to buy a green SM3 1956 or not…


Endless possibilities!

A portable gives one the chance to set up a writing space anywhere. Why not in the living room, next to my desk, where I usually (or at least often) write?

My first Olympia!

When you live in a small town in Sweden you can’t really expect to get a lot of chances to make your typewriter collection grow… Or not at least if you care about which machines join the ones you already have. Considering that fact I have to say I’m quite pleased with today’s find. And with, what is it, eight typewriters in your collection, one can’t be too picky. Or? Yes you can. I don’t buy everything because it’s vinyl, I buy the records I want to have. The same goes for typewriters. And yes, I’m still very much an amateur, so what makes me smile all the way home probably isn’t what makes a professional collector wet his pants. Or hers. Anyway – what a wonderful world this is in many ways, just think about it, one has the opportunity to buy and to write on typewriters! Hooray!