Oh, they aren’t the same color… Well, that’s even better. IF, and I mean IF, I get the latest find to work then I have two Kolibris! Hooray!

A puzzle

I bought this the other day and I wonder if I’m going to make it live again… It seems hard but I hope my Kolibri -57 might be able to help me. By comparing them I might put at least one screw in the right place… or not. Well, a puzzle is gods for the wits.

At last

I paid for these… was it last autumn? And yesterday they finally arrived. It’s my second green Halda, but this one has round black keys. It’s also my second Olympia, though this is a bit older than the Splendid. But it works as though it was put together only yesterday. 


We’re sitting by the table drawing, my daughter and me. She is fully occupied with Longstocking’s kitchen and letters (Wow!!!) and somehow I seem to doodle for a few minutes and there it is… typewriter related disease…