The table is set. We are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary and are having snack before heading for the saunas and pools. What could be better than take a moment by the typewriter? One of my gifts for my wife is a red Olympia Splendid 99 with white keys… She hasn’t unwrapped it yet. She sits here by my side, reading a book, not having a clue… that she is about to get something life altering…


Oh, they aren’t the same color… Well, that’s even better. IF, and I mean IF, I get the latest find to work then I have two Kolibris! Hooray!

A puzzle

I bought this the other day and I wonder if I’m going to make it live again… It seems hard but I hope my Kolibri -57 might be able to help me. By comparing them I might put at least one screw in the right place… or not. Well, a puzzle is gods for the wits.