All that shines… good?

I love typewriters and I love to type, but I would NOT want to be the one punching these keys… This movie is just bad news from frame one. Pure art.

My latest companion

I won an auction last weekend and here it is: my 1938 Champion. It seems to be in great shape (the case is in mint condition) but a few drops of oil and some gentle polishing lies ahead. Oh, I just have to share a typewriter moment: I recently started working with 7-9th-graders and one of my students doesn’t really like writing. While talking with him I realized it was apparent that he enjoyed vintage cars and that he wasn’t unfamiliar with working in the garage, so I asked him if he would like to try out a typewriter… Since that day he has been working the keys almost every day. Now… the only problem is that he wants to buy my orange Silver Reed…

In the air

I don’t like heights. I don’t like flying. I’m of the opinion (I feel so very strongly!) that the only way to travel with style is by train. The only moment I was really relaxed during our latest flight was when I placed my Kolibri in position and started typing. All thoughts about being up in the air vanished, only my typewriter and my thoughts existed for a brief moment. I just typed two words – but now I’ve done it, I’ve typed while flying! Ha!