That’s how you do it…

I love the description of Tyrone Slothrop’s desk in Gravity’s Rainbow! I’m struggling to get my students to describe for example actions,  characters and environments in their stories, maybe I should just toss them a few Pynchons… Fourth- and fifth graders might have some difficulties reading them though… 

Literature, real literature,hits you like a Remington Portable’s platen – without mercy. ”Real” literature? Elitist way to think about books? Not really; there is a difference between for example Dan Brown and… DFW or… Joyce.  Brown attracts and pleases a lot of readers and that’s great! People have to, they must, read. And Brown gives them exciting stories. But when you read Ulysses or Pale King… that’s something entirely different. The way these are written differs from many other books (there are of course a lot of great books!). The strength in the way the words  come at you! Oh! That’s how you do it! But I agree, the term real literature is not that great… It might be a bit too hard. Sorry Mr. Brown. I got a bit carried away there. There are different kinds of literature, that’s it. 



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