To have a passion or two (or three, or…) is to live our lives the way they should be lived – BUT – passion needs storage. In our home library there are books piled up here and there. Typewriters can be found in almost every room, in some rooms they tend to be found living in groups. And vinyls… Well, this is a new take on storage here at our place, one that can grow easily by adding crates. We’ll see how this works out…

Her first go

She should be in bed by now but when she saw the Focus she said ”I want to type my name!” How does one say no to that?

And behold – gray is turned unto black…

… with some tiny correction fluid in it, acting as stars on the darkened firmament. When you don’t have what you need you take what you have – some carefully applied wax on the gray and dull platen brought it back to life. I have no pink fluffy dreams about using the same method on my Remington Portable though, it’s stone dead… The platen that is, otherwise it works as it did back in  December 1924.

On the train

And here we are, badunk-badunking our way across Sweden. And how long did it take until a fellow traveler expressed his joy over the fact that I had brought a typewriter with me to the bistro? Not long… To the keys again!