Today I sent one of my manuscripts (twenty typewritten pages, the beginning of a novel) to a publisher. They expressed quite clearly (on their homepage) that they wanted the manuscripts in PDF-format… Well, my text is a statement and I stand for it. I suppose I’ll also have to take the consequences… But hey! – maybe my words end up on the right desk, with someone sitting there, tired of this shallow life in the fast lane. Maybe these typewritten pages have the power to do something beyond the boundaries of the sheets? Or maybe they end up in the nearest paper bin. Ha, I have more copies!


The table is set. We are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary and are having snack before heading for the saunas and pools. What could be better than take a moment by the typewriter? One of my gifts for my wife is a red Olympia Splendid 99 with white keys… She hasn’t unwrapped it yet. She sits here by my side, reading a book, not having a clue… that she is about to get something life altering…


Oh, they aren’t the same color… Well, that’s even better. IF, and I mean IF, I get the latest find to work then I have two Kolibris! Hooray!

A puzzle

I bought this the other day and I wonder if I’m going to make it live again… It seems hard but I hope my Kolibri -57 might be able to help me. By comparing them I might put at least one screw in the right place… or not. Well, a puzzle is gods for the wits.