Thoughts about trip up north

And so the time for our annual trip up north has come. Night train to Umeå and then bus to Lycksele. A plane will take us home. So… my problem is the following: Which machine should I try to bring with me in a backpack? The Kolibri and The Portable are my smallest ones, but the Kolibri is, as we all know, a heavy piece of engineering. And The Portable? I love it and I don’t want anything to happen to it, a trip is after all a hazardous enterprise for something born in 1924… So, this poses somewhat of a dilemma. A trip by plane limits your options, doesn’t it? I can’t bring too much luggage on board. Otherwise I would gladly carry a portable along – and to write up in the air? That would be a club to join! I guess there aren’t a lot of people who do that nowadays… And that settles it! I won’t squeeze anything in a backpack, I’m going to carry the Kolibri in its bag!


2 reaktioner på ”Thoughts about trip up north

    • They are both quite noisy but I’ll just type a sentence to join the airborne typist’s club. Then it’s going into the bag again. A fool proof plan! But it would be fun to type away as usually – at least until someone, probably, would try to strangle me…



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