I made some progress with the wax on this one too. I thought I had cleaned it, if not thoroughly, at least decently, but the cloth I used for waxing was black as sin by the time I was done. And the greenish Lovecraftian fungus-mucus that stained the cloth when I waxed the keys (again, I thought I had cleaned them pretty good, they looked clean to the naked eye!) showed me that some kinds of filth can survive a soap-soaked attack, even if you rub the area where it has gathered.  I wonder how many computer keyboards are as fun or rewarding to clean as the keys that give your soul a voice? 


2 reaktioner på ”Glossy

    • Yes, I was really surprised about the amount of dirt on the keys, dirt I didn’t even see and that turned the cloth green! I guess the keys have encountered a few pounding fingertips through the years. Or at least I hope they have!



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