Let it show!


5 reaktioner på ”Let it show!

  1. ”… I and my fellow teachers…” There you go, that´s what happens when you decide to change the sentence while you´re typing… and when you publish something you haven´t read through. And the typos? They´re for free!


  2. Yes! I enjoy being an eccentric professor and getting lots of curious questions about my typewriters. (I am not unique, though. I have given typewriters to several colleagues over the years, and one of them actually uses his.)


    • I wonder if any of my colleagues would take up typing… Most of them have seen me with a machine, the word has spread, but no one has yet approached me with itching fingers, or soul for that matter… I guess the ones that love to write will feel the calling of the inky ribbon sooner or later. The insurgency is kept alive by at least one until more join. Perseverance… I do get questions though, and that gives me hope- the rings will spread. Eccentricity might be hard for some.
      =) But I agree with you, I enjoy it!



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